Little League Baseball in Bishkek

This coming June, Chi Alpha will kick off its fifth year of Little League Baseball in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This program has proved to be an effective channel for building relationships, bridging the gap between cultures, and training athletes. Coaches strive to teach not only baseball but also the importance of discipline and team work. For the past four years, US and Central Asian Chi Alpha students have come together and partnered with the local church to bless the children of Kyrgyzstan.

Anticipation builds all year, and when summer arrives, the kids are ready. The two months of games fly by, and at the closing ceremony of one season, a countdown begins for the next.

“Will you come back next year?”

This seems to be the reoccurring question. And each year that Chi Alpha comes back, the children come back, bringing their friends and families along with them. There are now 10 teams and 3 divisions.

It has been an incredible journey so far, and we can only imagine what is in store for the rest of the way.